About our church

Our church began as wood and then rebuilt as rock. Not only is our foundation in our building strong, our faith in Jesus Christ has grown immensely. The historical documents found detailing the past of our church outlines the love of Pleasant Grove Baptist Church spanning over 120 years.  

When did we begin?

First established in 1894, our church's presence in Conway, AR has encompassed the love of Jesus Christ. Beginning as a small wood church, to the rock church on the corner to the beautiful building we have today- we take joy in our growth and the growth of our love of Christ and who he is. Pleasant Grove Baptist Church is a body of believers over a century sharing the love of god and growing in their own faith. We began with 19 members and we are loving what Christ is continuously doing in our church.

History of Pleasant Grove Baptist Church

1894 to 1950

The Pleasant Grove Baptist Church was organized October 7, 1894 with a membership of 19 with Reverend W.L. Dale as moderator and John Jones (Conway Deacon) as church clerk. Reverend W.L. Dale served as the first pastor until his resignation on September 10, 1895. He was succeeded by Reverend J.M. Davis, who served until May 19, 1900 and had to resign because of the serious illness of his son. He was among many other pastors that served Pleasant Grove Baptist Church faithfully for decades. The church ordained many ministers and at the time of the historical document in 1986, "spiritual growth if the church [had an increase] of 135 members present". 

From the original text, it is stated that "Water was made available July 7, 1901, with a joint well-drilled for the church and school. Five Sunday school rooms were built in the twenties, also the auditorium was redecorated. Church services were conducted in Reeves School House while the remodeling was being done. Later electricity and natural gas was installed in the original building; but some of the more enthusiastic members felt the need of a new building."

After some time and discussion on June 21, 1947, the church noted to build a new church building instead of further repairing the old building. "On Saturday July 17 at 1:00 pm a Ground Breaking service was held for the new church building." July 21, 1947 a building committee was elected and January 4, 1948 the old church building had been torn down and a tent purchased. The tent was erected and ready for the first service and was used for all services until July 7 until the Auditorium was finished for the service. The tent was then sold to Brumley Chapel who, at the time, was also building a new church house. 

The rock church building was completed for the amount of five thousand dollars and November 1950 was ready for Dedication and Corner.

This was written from multiple historical documents from the church and from multiple church members.