Youth Ministry

We currently have a small youth group, due to transitions in our church. Please keep us in your prayers for growth and guidance in finding a new minister and increasing the youth in our youth ministry.

Our current classes are taught by Mr. Kurt, Mr. Alan and the college class is taught by Ms. Melissa.They currently use Life Choices curriculum on Sunday and the Thread curriculum on Wednesdays.

We do have a Youth Ministry Intern Garrett Hall as of August of 2019 and we are making gains to help our youth group grow please continue praying.

Cold Springs Youth Camp

Two of Pleasant Grove Baptist Church's youth decided to attend the Cold Springs Faulkner County Baptist Association Retreat 2019. Wade A. and Claire A., twins, got the opportunity to expand their faith and have a fun and exciting experience at Cold Springs.

"My favorite part of the Cold Springs retreat was have teams and getting to do things like water games and competing against other teams. The music was cool they took time with the music to praise God."

Wade A. 

Abide College ministry

This Sunday School class is taught by Melissa Overstreet and mostly consists of college and early adult aged individuals. This is mixed gender and average attendance of four people currently. As of right now they are going though James with the help of This Changes Everything by Naomi Klein. 

"We are a group of fun and inviting personalities immersed in the Lord's word and ready for the amazing things God has for us." 

Pancake Palooza

Pancake Palooza is an Abide Ministry event open to our college students in the Fall. This event is in the beginning of finals week. We make pancakes, sausage, eggs, gravy and other breakfast foods in the later hours of the night so 8pm-10pm for example on a Tuesday night of finals week. There are games or the student can bring study materials. Overall it is an opportunity for our college students to relax from their hard studies and really get to focus on being calm, as well as, getting to interact with people and some good food. As we all know college can be a stressful environment and this just allows college students to breathe and have some fun in the middle of chaos. We are so proud to live in a three college town and we love our college students at Pleasant Grove!!

Youth Ministry Events

Hang tight while we look up scheduled events...